Application Procedures

While the outline below lists the usual application process sequence, you may apply before visiting.

arrow Parent Visit
arrow Application
arrow Child’s Visit
arrow Confidential Recommendation Forms
arrow Request for School Records
arrow Placement Testing (when applicable)
arrow Notification

Uniforms, Books, Materials & Necessities

Uniforms are required of all students Kindergarten through 8th Grade. Most items and sizes are available for purchase at Bridges. They may also be purchased at Risse Brothers, College Park, MD.
Textbook Rental/Purchase fees for students in Nursery (3 years old) through 8th Grade are due upon initial enrollment acceptance and thereafter by June 30, with registration for the coming school year.
Materials and Supplies
Initial supplies for each school year are purchased in bulk from the registration fee, in order that each student might have the precise tools, equipment, supplies and materials required by each specific teacher. Parents are provided an itemized list of supplies. Parents must provide similar supplies that must be available to students for use at home. Parents must also replenish supplies for school, as needed by the student. ALL students must bring an old long sleeve shirt that is large enough to protect clothing from the shoulder to the knee for arts and/or crafts projects.
Pre-School Necessities
Each preschooler may provide for naptime, a flat, single bed sheet that is any color EXCEPT white. Kindergartners are to bring a thick hand towel for resting their heads on a table. Three COMPLETE changes of clothing, including socks MUST be provided for accidents and mishaps of toddlers, two changes for preschoolers and one for kindergartners.

Financial Matters

Registration for new students is accepted between April 1 and June 1 following completion of the application and acceptance procedure. It may continue if there are vacancies in a class’ enrollment.
For returning students, registration for the following year occurs during April. The registration fee is $100. If this is not paid by July 1, it will be assumed that your child will not be returning to The Bridges Academy for the following academic year.
Tuition Payment Plans
The Bridges Academy offers its families four tuition payment plans:
1. One Payment: Full tuition for the academic year is paid by August 1.
2. Two Payments: The total tuition is paid in two equal installments due August 1 and January 1.
3. Four Payments: The total tuition is paid in four equal installments due August, November, February and May 1.
4. Nine Payments: The total tuition is paid in nine equal payments, due the 1st of the months August through May.

Multiple Children
Tuition for a second child from the same family in the same academic year will be reduced 10%. Tuition for a third child from the same family in the same academic year will be reduced by 25%.

Fund Raising Commitment
Because The Bridges Academy’s modest tuition covers the basics only; there are two major fundraisers each year to purchase those things that make Bridges unique and special. Fund raising must be a whole school effort in order to be effective. Each family MUST PARTICIPATE FULLY by meeting each project minimum or making a $150 donation to each. Non-participating families will have fund raising commitments added to students’ tuition accounts.