Auxiliary Programs

Auxiliary Programs

The Bridges Academy provides breakfast and an afternoon snack to all students, and lunch to preschool students only, at no additional cost. There is no reduction or remission of tuition for meals not taken. Lunch is available to students in grades one through eight at a specific monthly cost September through May. Students, who do not commit to meals for the entire month, must purchase a weekly meal ticket at a slightly higher rate on Mondays.

Students with special medical, religious and/or philosophical dietary restrictions are required to provide their own meals on days when the daily menu is in conflict with those restrictions. It is the responsibility of the parent, not the school, to determine such dietary conflicts, and make the necessary provisions. There are no meal alternatives provided by the school.

After School Program
Because of legal ramifications, any school age student remaining in the school after 4:30 pm (and not involved in a scheduled activity) must attend the supervised After School Program. This program provides skilled high school assistants, college students and teachers who assist students with homework and supervise organized activities.

The annual cost of the after school program is payable in three installments on September, December and March 15th of the school year The After School Program is also available as needed on a monthly basis, due and payable on the first day of the month in which the service is required.

After school care for preschoolers is provided at no cost. However, they must be picked up by 6:0 0 PM, otherwise there is a $50.00 late fee due upon arrival.