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Our Philosophy

It is our PHILOSOPHY that all children learn, and given adequate opportunities for exposure and first hand encounters, most can excel.  To this end, The Bridges Academy maintains a stimulating learning environment, provides quality education and encourages a sense of community through a broad range of experiences both within and outside the classroom.  We perceive our educational mission as an integral component in the development of world citizens for the international community of the 21st century.   Thus, we commit ourselves to accepting children where they are and showing them the heights to which they can soar.


Our Mission

With and through the cooperative efforts of parent and teacher – home and school, our MISSION is to raise up and support the child.  The Bridges Academy students are educated with a duality of purpose connecting the pillars of each bridge of knowledge.   Through this collaboration, we seek to mold the total student, academically, physically, socially and morally.


Our Vision

The VISION of The Bridges Academy is to be a school of choice for parents seeking academic, physical, social and moral excellence in the development of their children.   To fulfill this vision, we are sensitive to the needs of the population we serve.  We strive to exceed all expectations by making excellence the standard by which we are measured as well as the standard by which we measure as we develop the leaders of the twenty-first century.