Students of Diversity

Where Do They Come From & Where Do They Go from Here?

Over the years, the students, parents and staff of The Bridges Academy (formerly Academic Enrichment Center Prep) have made up geographical ingredients of a “Heritage Stew” as we hailed from many countries the world over. From tiny island nations to major world powers, we have stirred together the makings of our international family. Our roots are planted in the countries listed below:

Angola China Gambia Ivory Coast Nevis South Africa
Anguilla Costa Rica Germany Jamaica Nigeria Spain
Bahamas Dominican Rep. Ghana Japan Pakistan Sudan
Barbados Ecuador Grenada Kenya Panama Taiwan
Benin Egypt Guatemala Korea Peru Thailand
Brazil El Salvador Guinea Liberia Philippines Togo
Burkina Faso England Guyana Mali Puerto Rico Trinidad/Tobago
Cameroon Eretria Haiti Martinique St. Thomas United States
Cape Verde Ethiopia Honduras Mexico Sierra Leon Venezuela
Chad Ireland Senegal Viet Nam

Bridges students have continued their academic success in other private and selected programs in local public high schools and later in the institutions as listed below:

High Schools
Private – Burke-Carroll-DeMatha-G’town Day-Gonzaga-Heights- Piney Woods-Queen Anne- Sankofa-Seton-Sidwell-Stone Ridge-Ujamaa-St. Albans-Heights
DCPS – Banneker-Cardozo-Coolidge-Dunbar-Ellington-Roosevelt-Sch. W/out Walls-Wilson- Woodson, Edison Friendship, Hyde Leadership, Eastern, Chavez
PG County – DuVal-Roosevelt-Northwestern-Crossland-Oxon Hill-Bowie-Douglass-Flowers
Montgomery County – Kennedy, Paint Branch, Blair, Blake
Fairfax County – Potomac

Colleges and Universities
Howard, Morehouse, Xavier, Florida A & M, Salisbury State, Pitt, UDC Bowie, Maryland, Hampton, Delaware St., Norfolk, Cheyney, Rensselaer, Delaware, Frostburg, A & T Vanderbilt, Arcadia, U. Delaware, Macalester, Temple, Kentucky St., Yale, Harvard, Trinity, Lehigh Princeton, Rutgers, UNC Central/Chapel Hill, Tuskegee, Johnson & Whales