Mathletes Win the Math-Fued Competition

Based on the popular game show Family Fued, third through eighth graders dualed across four teams to see which would emerge as math champions.  Students squared off head to head for a day-long battle, slaying arithmetic, multiplication, division, algebra and geometry problems with mastery and precision.  The day was abuzz with excitement and intensity, leading to a late-ending tied score between the Mathmeticians and the Mathletes.  Matching wits through the final round,  math titans Chase and Amir had everyone were glued to their seats, anxiously waiting to see which would sieze the winning title. By the slimmest of margins, Chase carved out a winning score to propel his team to coveted status of Math-Fued Winners 2015!


Mathletes teammates included Charity (captian), Bruk, Ty’onna, Chase, Dagmawit, Michael, Juan, Mirakel, Sabrin, Mya, Tariq, Ryan, Shajeah, Mikel, Nyad, Calib and Abineezer.  Coach Danley expressed exuberance and pride for a job well done, and celebrated with a pizza party delivered to a well-deserving team.

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